Thursday, March 26, 2009

BufBloPoFo '09 - Day Thirteen - The Penultimate Post

I haven't really blogged consistantly until I signed up to participate in BufBloPoFo '09. Therefore, I have no old posting that I can update. As such, I shall write about a few things going on in the Life of Johnny. Next year, we can look back at how silly my life seemed "way back then".

There are some things in my life that I take for granted will not change in a year. I expect that my family life will be unchanged, and that I will still be employed at Safetec. Eclectic Improv is going extremely well, and I imagine that will continue for some time. But how about my other performing ventures?


We've been going for 8 years now, and will continue to play together as long as possible. We all love the music and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. However, booking has become extremely difficult. I handle the booking myself, which is time consuming and very frustrating. Thanks to the lagging economy, bar owners are cutting back on booking or discontinuing live music altogether. It's nearly impossible to speak to a bar owner and if they do, they want you to play for peanuts and bring 200 of your friends to drink at their club.
Future Johnny, are you still rocking with Jump The Shark?


Due to family, work and other performing commitments, I have been largely absent from live theatre. That has recently changed, as I have appeared in "God's Favorite" at Desiderio's Dinner Theatre and "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" at New Phoenix. So the theatre juices are flowing freely again. I really want to get back on the boards on a regular basis. I'm planning on hitting many of the upcoming auditions, and I've already been offered a part in a production in the fall.

Johnny 2010, how's the acting thing going?


An interesting new opportunity fell in my lap recently. My good friend, the incredibly lovely and talented actress Tracey B. Wilson, asked if I would be interested in a job as a "living statue". She was approached, but was unable to accept. She thought I would be a suitable replacement and suggested me to the client. I took the job because it seemed like getting paid to stand still and do nothing was an answer to a prayer. I got a toga, painted myself white, and "became" a statue. The first job was a success and it led to a second offer from someone who saw me there. It seems like this could be a nice side business, so I'm working on a business plan. I've even got business cards!

So, future me, has the Statue Guy taken off?

Bloggers, I invite you to journey back to this post during BufBloPoFo 2010. Am I still overwhelmingly active, or am I just sitting around at home, watching old episodes of Quantum Leap with Jeremy?


  1. It is May, 2010, and I am going to answer the questions that Johnny '09 left for me.

    Jump The Shark is still alive, but on life support. Booking has become almost impossible, and I have lost my verve for it. We've got a gig lined up for this coming June, but any further dates will most liekly be sporadic.
    I've been asked to sing with another band, and have agreed, since I won't have to do any booking myself. It will not replace JTS, and I'm hoping that exposure will help create inroads for JTS too.
    Hoping the new venture gets on it's feet this summer.

    My theatre life is certainly picking up. Since my last post I have performed in "Biloxi Blues" at Desiderio's, "The Rocky Horror Show" at the Alt Theatre, and "Macbeth" at the New Phoenix Theatre.
    All wonderful shows with fantastic talents. I'm hoping that more work will come in the 2010-11 season.

    The Statue Guy has not taken off yet, but I have had a couple bookings since last year. It's really up to me to get off my ass and get it moving.

    So there you go! Come back in 2011 for more updates!

  2. Holy crap! Has it been 3 years since I did BufBloPoFo? Time for an update:

    Future Johnny, are you still rocking with Jump The Shark?

    The heart of a Shark does not die easily. The unspoken JTS motto: "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." We haven't played since summer '11, but we've got a couple of gigs lined up for summer '12. After that...who knows?
    The new project, "Last Shot", has been successful and tremendously fun. Larry and Don from JTS have utilized the down time to start a blues band, "Storm Watch".
    But we still love to get together and play that awesome JTS rock!

    Johnny 2010, how's the acting thing going?

    I've been very fortunate to continue my stage work with some fantastic people. Since my last post I appeared in "Little Shop of Horrors" at the ALT and "Peter Pan" at New Phoenix. I'm currently filming a short film "A Cow's Tale: The Laura Secord Story" and have been cast in a feature length film shooting in the fall. I'm hoping to do at least one stage show this coming season. And Eclectic Improv is as strong as ever!

    So, future me, has the Statue Guy taken off?

    Sadly, no. I've had a few bookings since 2010, but my lack of commitment has all but ended this project. Fortunately,it would be easy to start it up again if I ever get motivated enough to make it happen. We'll see.

    I'll be back with more updates IN THE FUTURE!!!