Friday, March 20, 2009

BufBloPoFo '09 - Day Eight - Who are you? (who who who who)

I don't know jen14221. At least I don't think so. The face in the photo doesn't look familiar.

Unfortunately, I don't trust my memory concerning such things. Unlike Peter Cumbo, I am terrible with names. I'm much better with faces, but only to the extent that, "YES, I have met this person before."

So, jen14221, if we have met, I apologize. Don't take it personally. It's not that I don't care about you, I just don't care to train my memory.


I very much enjoyed jen14221's response to who would play her in a movie:
Who would play me in a movie? Well - not Natasha Richardson. Not anymore, at least. Yes, I'm terrible. Sorry.

I loved this response because it was honest, funny and shocking. The only other person I know that would respond in this manner is Dave Hoffmann, and I loves me some Dave Hoffmann.

So my question to you, jen14221, is:
Now that Natasha is out of the picture, who WOULD play you?
(I'm going with Katey Segal)

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