Thursday, March 19, 2009

BufBloPoFo '09 - Day Six - Movin' Out

My first home away from home was an apartment on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda. I was working for the Sabres at the time. My co-worker and friend Bob Russell had just separated from his wife and was looking for a roommate to share apartment expenses. I was looking to extracate myself from the Kreuzer family home. It seemed like I would have more opportunites to copulate with my then-girlfriend if I lived several miles from my parents.

I was correct.

I enjoyed living with Bob. He was (and is) a great guy. We were young, single, working for the Sabres...perfect situation for horny young men looking to entertain a bevy of young women.

One of my favorite memories occurred when Bob was dating a rather large-chested young lady. She was spending the night with Bob, and needed to use the lav in the middle of the night. Not being accustomed to our apartment, on her way back she missed the left turn in Albuquerque and entered my room by mistake. She then proceeded to enter my bed. I awoke, startled and stunned to find a naked, chesty girl atop me. It was at this point that she realized her mistake and rushed out of the room, quite embarrassed. Needless to say, I didn't mind.

Ah, memories.

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