Friday, March 13, 2009

BufBloPoFo '09: Day One

Holy crap! I almost forgot about BufBloPoFo '09, in which I must post a blog every day for 14 days. Here I am at day one, a blogging neophyte facing the challenge that I have made to myself.

So, I'm off and running. Um, typing. Our friendly moderator wants to know 3 things in my life right now. Thanks to Eclectic, I am an expert at 3 Things, so this should pose no threat.

Thing One:
Tonight I complete the run of "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" at New Phoenix Theatre. It is a lovely, dark Irish comedy/drama (dramedy??) I was asked to fill in for an actor who had to pull out due to illness. I assume that Richard Lambert first tried contacting every actor in Buffalo, alphabetically. "...damn, Tom Zindle can't do it either. Well, that's it. That's all of 'em". Thank God for Eric Rawski who suggested me for the part. "Well, I was hoping for a GOOD actor, but I doubt John has anything else going on, so..."
And Richard was right. The timing was right. And I've always wanted to do a show with my cousin Eric. (Yes, he's my cousin. Look closely and witness the similarities)
Fortunately, everything has gone swimmingly. The play is great. The cast is great. Director Joe Natale is wonderful. I fell bass ackwards into a fantastic situation. Hopefully, those who have seen the show see me now as more than "that guy who falls down a lot at the Eclectic improv shows".

Thing Two:
Ah, yes, the Eclectic Improv Company. Only two weeks until the next big event. "Beauty Queen" kept me away from the February show (which was, by all accounts, a triumphant show by Peter Cumbo, Steve Petersen and Michael Hake). I miss "the funny" when I'm away and can't wait to get back on the Smith Theatre stage. I WILL fall down (at the end of Peter's sermon). I WILL do 3 Things (at the end of the show). I WILL say something self-depreciating or dripping with sexual innuendo...or both! I will try to make Peter Cumbo break, which is my comedy litmus test. If Peter turns red, I was funny. If he turns blue, I messed up badly. If he turns white, his debillitating congenital spinal stenosis is acting up again. I strongly suggest that you come to the show, bring your color swatches to compare to Peter's face, and see how I'm doing. "What's puce?" "Bad date."

Thing Three:
Three things. More specifically, three young people that are the fruits of my loin. The Kreuzer progeny...Jeremy (15), Cassidy (12) and Jack (9). To them I am free taxi service, their own personal Alex Reiger transporting them from activity to activity, back and forth across the expanse of Erie County (and sometimes beyond). My wife Melissa is like Louie DePalma, coordinating the fares, telling me when and where to pick up or drop off the passenger of the moment. Thankfully, she is much prettier than Danny DeVito.
A recent Saturday itinerary:
10:30 AM - Drop off Cassidy at dancing (Lancaster)
1:30 PM - Drop off Jeremy at Canisius College for band peformance (Buffalo)
3:00 PM - Take Jack to soccer game (Clarence)
4:00 PM - Pick up Jeremy from Canisius (Buffalo)
4:30 PM - Pick up Cassidy from dancing (Lancaster)
They eat up my time like the Langoliers. Not to mention my gas.
But, as their father, I am proud of them and happy to help them in some small way follow their dreams.

OK, BufBloPoFo'ers. Day One is a wrap. I hope I can keep it up for 13 more. Good luck to you all!


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  1. "O" as in "ohn Kreuzer"
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